Christmas 25 Dec 2017

Christmas 25 Dec 2017 Jesus Birth is celebrated as Christmas, Holiday season winter snow fall, festival of peace, love, sharing and many more...ChristmasSongs

National Mathematics Day 22 Dec 2017

National Mathematics Day 22 Dec 2017,125th birth anniversary of Srinivasa Ramanujan. Maths day is celebrated all the education centre, school, etc...

Liberation Day In Goa 19th Dec 2017

The Goa liberation movement Dec 19, celebration of Goa. Educate our kids to know the about Goa, These are the GK improvement activity for children....

Earth Facts For Kids

Kids general knowledge for kids, learning the important facts around the world, Gk, english, preschool blog... Earth facts for kids... science facts...

Obese Kids and Doctors’ Advice

Kids healthy life style...Obese Kids and Doctors’ Advice,Fatness is the greatest common problem in todays kids life, parents have to train the healthy eating..

Cartoon List For Kids

Famous cartoon list are listed for kids, best animated series various time period,Kids favourites cartoon listed here... read share and enjoy

Deepavali / Diwali – The Festival Of Light

Diwali is one of the most important festival in India, children play with crackers, sharing sweets and wishes, lighting clay lamps in houses decorating well

World Food Day 16 Oct 2017

World food day is celebrated on 16 oct every year, the day motive is to make the entire world to ZERO HUNGER throughout the life time... Create awareness...

International Day for Disaster Reduction 13 Oct 2017

Happy to create awareness about the International Day for Disaster Reduction on the day 13 Oct 2017 the Theme "Sendai Seven". Spread the knowledge & reduce risk

World Sight Day 12 Oct 2017

World sight day is celebrated on 12 Oct 2017, Vision awareness is important to spread around the world... learn and educate peoples and kids about the eye sight
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