Obese Kids and Doctors’ Advice

Kids healthy life style...Obese Kids and Doctors’ Advice,Fatness is the greatest common problem in todays kids life, parents have to train the healthy eating..

World Food Day 16 Oct 2017

World food day is celebrated on 16 oct every year, the day motive is to make the entire world to ZERO HUNGER throughout the life time... Create awareness...

International Day for Disaster Reduction 13 Oct 2017

Happy to create awareness about the International Day for Disaster Reduction on the day 13 Oct 2017 the Theme "Sendai Seven". Spread the knowledge & reduce risk

World Sight Day 12 Oct 2017

World sight day is celebrated on 12 Oct 2017, Vision awareness is important to spread around the world... learn and educate peoples and kids about the eye sight


World Deaf Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of September.Deaf day sign language day 24 september 2017...

Kids Healthy Lifestyle

Hey kids for your healthy life follow some of the basic activity to gain good health, play with your friends not with smart phone or iPad physical activity is must