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Christmas is the day fixed aside for the festival of the birth of Jesus Christ. Christians praise it on December 25th all over the world. The day of this festival originated when the winter solstice, that is the shortest day of the year in the north hemisphere. The merriments were to mark to recognised that winter is not always.

Christmas DayIt was a form of adoring the sun. 2000 years ago, Jesus was born. According to christian, Jesus is the Son of God  and the Saviour of the earth. The Christians trust that he came to die for our evils so that we might go to heaven.Celebrating Christmas didn’t develop a large occasion in the United States until the mid of the 1800s. Almost this time, the day began to suit a well-liked period for family get-togethers. In 1870 the day suited a formal federal celebration in the US and has full-grown other well-liked since.

Christmas is also an occasion where homes and shopping centres, malls are ornamented with all kinds of decorations. Christmas decorations are a great share of the festival. Publics beautify decorate their houses with cheerful light decorations. They also mostly placed optimistic a Christmas tree and beautify it with decorations and lights. Many non-Christians also party this day as a time of goodwill, joy and offering of gifts. Celebrating Christmas with music’s and Christmas joyful songs. Merry Christmas to all kids and happy holidays.

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