These things along with the other nine planets make up our universe. There are also called as Solar System.


The sun is a big ball of fire and is millions of miles away from the earth.

The sun rises in the east and it sets in the west.

When the sun rises it is a day for us and when the sun set down it is night for us.

The sun gives us enough heat and light energy.

Plants also use the sunlight to prepare their food.

Moon gets its light from the sun to give us little light at the night.


The moon is seen at the night time and it is also round in shape.

The moon does not give out any heat. The moon is very cool.

Some times we are only able to see a part of the moon and when the moon is full, round in shape it is called a full moon day. And monthly once the moon will not appear in the sky that is called as no moon day.

The Stars

The stars are seen in the sky at night. There are billions of starts in the sky. We cannot count the stars.

The sun, moon, and the stars are millions of miles away from the earth so they all appear small to us.


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