In this section you will be introduced to animals, birds, vegetables, fruits, plants and its parts, human body parts, solar system, etc.
You will also come to know about the greatest inventions on the earth and famous personalities who worked hard to invent them.
Feel free to explore this session and try to gain as much knowledge you can about all the scientific principles and process.

The topics that will be introduced to you are listed below:

The human body is the most complicated structure in the world. It consists of the head, neck, legs, and hands.

Plants are living organisms. Different types of plants are trees, herbs, bushes, grasses, vines, ferns, mosses, and green algae.

Except a few all the animals have a fixed body parts. During their life cycle they undergo a process called as Metamorphosis.

Birds do not have teeth. Birds have one way breathing system. Most of the birds can fly. Birds need lot of energy while flying so they eat a lot of food.

These things along with the other nine planets make up our universe.

Oceans around the world….Till 2000 there was only four oceans International Hydro-graphic Organization identified a new ocean..,

The earth surface is made up of two different parts – land and water. The unbroken and continuous masses of land on the earth surface are called continents.