Birds do not have teeth. Birds have one way breathing system. Most of the birds can fly. Birds need lot of energy while flying so they eat a lot of food.Note: Note kids that all the flying animals are not birds. And not all the birds can fly.

Classification of birds:

Birds belong to the class Aves and they can be seen everywhere. In the world there are about 9000 species of birds. These different species of birds are divided into 24 orders of 146 families.


Moving from one place to another is called as Locomotion. Bird’s locomotion is very different from all the animals. Most of the birds can fly and some can run very fast, some can swine fast and some birds can do combination of all these things. Only few birds cannot fly.

  •  Carnivores (meat eaters)
  •  Herbivores (plant eaters)
  •  Omnivores (both meat and plant eaters)
  •  Insectivores (insect eaters)


Feathers are used by the birds for flying. The feathers are modified into scales. There are different types of feathers which are used for different purposes.

Feathers are used for:

  • Flying
  • To keep the birds too warm or too cold
  • For courtship and mating


Birds do not have teeth and they have a tongue which has bone in it. Birds spend lot of their time looking for foods. Most of the birds are insectivores. These birds eat only the insects.

Some of the birds like own, eagle and vulture are carnivores. These birds eat flesh and meats.

Some birds like grouse, humming bird and Canada goose are herbivores. These birds eat plant.

And birds like starlings are omnivores. They eat both the plants and meat.

Lastly the birds like toucan are fruitvores. They eat the fruits.

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