We define exploration as:

The act of travelling to distant or unknown places for the purpose of discovering them

Many people have explored many places in the earth as well in the space. So we have taken effort to list all the explorers and their exploration for you

 Afonso de Albuquerque: Afonso was a Portuguese explorer and soldier. He sailed to Spice Islands and around Africa to Indian Ocean.

 Roald Amundsen: Norwegian polar explorer. He was the first person to reach the north and south poles. He was the first person to sail around the world through northeast and northwest passages, i.e. from Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.

 Vasco Nunez de Balboa: Spanish explorer. First person to explore the eastern part of the Pacific Ocean.

 Nicholas Baudin: French explorer. Explored the coastlines of Australia.

 Colonel Daniel Boone: American explorer. Founded the first American settlement to the west of Appalachian Mountains.

 Sir Walter Raleigh: Walter was an English explorer. He explored Guiana and also established the Virginia colony of Roanoke islands.

 Marco polo: Marco was an Italian explorer. He explored china and Asia.

 Ferdinand Magellan: Magellan was a Portuguese explorer. Magellan was the first explorer who voyages around the whole world.

 Christopher Columbus: Columbus was an Italian/Spanish explorer who discovered the new world.

 America Vespucci: America Vespucci was also an Italian/Spanish explorer who.

 Sir Francis Drake: Drake was an English explorer who circumnavigated the world.

 Sir Humphrey Gilbert: Gilberts was an English explorer who established St Johns, Newfoundlands.

 Sir Richard Grenville: Richard an English explorer took a sea voyage to Virginia and Roanoke islands.

 Sir John Hawkins: Hawkins an English explorer took a sea voyage from West Africa to South America.

 Sir Martin Frobisher: Martin was an English explorer who voyaged to Labrador and Greenland.


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