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The International Day for Disaster Reduction was happened on 1989, United Nations General Assembly call a day for a to support a global society of risk- awareness and disaster reduction. Every year 13 October observes how public and societies across the earth are decreasing their revelation to disasters and educating awareness about the reputation of reining in the threats that they face. This is a significant task which can be able only across group, support and association between several participants.International Day for Disaster Reduction

The International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction each year having special theme, according to that 2017 theme is “Sendai Seven” created on the seven reasons of Sendai connection for seven years. Sendai seven drive begins to raise execution of the structure for the decrease of disaster risk with the impartial of reducing disaster harms, saving lives and developing the disaster risk administration.

  • 2017 – Sendai Seven  
  • 2016 –   Live to Tell: Raising Awareness, Reducing Mortality
  • 2015 –   Knowledge for Life
  • 2014 –   Resilience is for Life
  • 2013 – Living with Disability and Disasters
  • 2012 – Women and Girls: the Invisible Force of Resilience
  • 2011 – Children and Young People are partners for Disaster Risk Reduction: Step Up for Disaster Risk Reduction!
  • 2010 – My City is Getting Ready!
  • 2009/2008 – Hospitals Safe from Disaster
  • 2007/2006 – Disaster Risk Reduction Begins at School
  • 2005 –  Invest to Prevent Disaster
  • 2004 –  Today’s disasters for tomorrow’s hazards
  • 2003 – Turning the tide…  
  • 2002 – Sustainable mountain development
  • 2001 – Countering Disasters, Targeting Vulnerability
  • 2000 – Disaster Prevention, Education and Youth


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