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World Food Day is a time of act faithful to undertaking world-wide hunger. 16th October is celebrated every year as world food day. World food day first celebrated on 16 October 1945. People from everywhere the world arise together to announce their pledge to eliminate worldwide hunger from our lifespan.

World Food Day

Praising the conception of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), measures are planned in over 150 countries throughout the world. The motivation of the day is that nourishmet is a simple and basic human right.  “Climate is changing, food and agriculture must too.”  theme 2016. One of the major tasks to food safety is climate variation and its things on farming. Numerous world’s agriculturalists and fishermen are stressed to manage with rising temperatures and weather-related disasters.

Main point of the day is Zero Hunger.

Zero hunger Save several children live.

Good fed moms have healthful babies with stronger immune systems

Zero hunger can support to build a securer, more flourishing world for everybody.

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