Deepavali / Diwali – The Festival Of Light

Diwali is one of the most important festival in India, children play with crackers, sharing sweets and wishes, lighting clay lamps in houses decorating well

World Food Day 16 Oct 2017

World food day is celebrated on 16 oct every year, the day motive is to make the entire world to ZERO HUNGER throughout the life time... Create awareness...

International Day for Disaster Reduction 13 Oct 2017

Happy to create awareness about the International Day for Disaster Reduction on the day 13 Oct 2017 the Theme "Sendai Seven". Spread the knowledge & reduce risk

World Sight Day 12 Oct 2017

World sight day is celebrated on 12 Oct 2017, Vision awareness is important to spread around the world... learn and educate peoples and kids about the eye sight

International Day of the Girl Child 11 Oct 2017

International Girl Child Day is celebrated on Oct 11 2017, save girl child, Save girls to save future generations, learning, entertainment... Girlchildday

World Post Day

Happy to celebrate world postal day, World Post Day 2017 october month is creating awarness about post and the workers hardwork... #worldpostday

Indian Air Force Day 8 Oct 2017

The Indian Air Force (IAF) is the air support of the Indian armed forces.., every year celebrated on 8th Oct..

World Teachers Day 5 Oct 2017

International Teacher Day celebrate don 5th October, teachers are the important person in every ones life, give importance to teachers, 20th anniversary of the 1997

Worlds Animals Day 4 Oct 2017

Worlds Animals Day is celebrated on oct 4th every year, it is a special day to create awareness growing the status of animals in order to expand safety