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Every year December 14th is celebrated as National energy conservation day in India. The year 2001 the Energy Conservation Act was implemented by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). The BEE is a legal body which originates under Government of India and services in the growth of plans and schemes in order to shrink the energy usage. 

National Energy Day

Energy Conservation

The National energy conservation day is celebrated to alert people about the significance of energy as well as storing the more energy by means of less energy. The specific means of energy safety is using fewer energy by avoiding the hopeless uses of energy. Strong energy powerfully is very essential to keep it for the upcoming usage. Energy preservation would be fixed in the conduct of every human individual to get more force regarding the plan of energy conservation.

It is celebrated to communicate the significance of protecting energy in each pace of life between publics. Helping the technique to the progress of energy management by establishing a lot of measures such as thoughts, discussions, factories, struggles etc. across the country. Support citizens for less energy habit by overlooking the unnecessary and inefficient uses. Support people for professional drive use in direction to reduction the energy use and avert the energy loss.

Mutually every resident of the India need attentive around in what way to use resourceful energy, how to keep the energy for their own future protection and several more techniques. They must track all the systems, guidelines and programs fulfilled by the Government of India in demand to care the energy effectiveness. Residents of India can pay their nonstop support to the operation of moderate energy. Families are the big probability and faith for the nation to take helpful conversions as well as to develop the financial order of the country.

On 27th National Energy Conservation day which is celebrated on 14th December 2017, lets take a pledge to “Save the Energy”  We should educate our kids about the energy managements. Learning the basic GK in there early age is very important.


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