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World Deaf Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of September. This year world deaf day is celebrated on 24 th September 2017. The motive of this day is to gain the attention of the public, politician and the development authorities towards the successes of the deaf people.

Deaf day

A massive input to the growth of sign language was prepared by the General Secretary of the world Union of the Deaf Magicians, Simon Carmel. Carmel a stretched time to explore the life and culture of deaf people in diverse nations and is smooth in sign language. He is similarly the writer of a book ‘international manual alphabet of the Deaf”, which explains 43 alphabets used in 59 nations throughout the world.

Objectives of world deaf day

To make the common people understand the problems faced by deaf people in the society  To encourage deaf people to learn sign languages To make the required resources for the deaf people available in the communityTo also bring awareness to the society that deaf people also have equal access to the education and modern technologies.

Below are some of the themes that was held during the past world deaf day
2009 Deaf People’s Cultural Achievements
2010 Deaf Education
2011 Accessibility to Information and Communications
2012 Sign Bilingualism is a Human Right!
2013 Equality for Deaf People
2014 Strengthening Human Diversity


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