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World Tourism Day27th September will be celebrated World Tourism Day 2017.

The World Tourism Day celebration was beginning by the United Nations World Tourism Organization in the year 1980, this specific day was chosen as the laws of the UNWTO derived into strength in the year 1970 which is reflected as the big milestone for the global tourism as it purposes to sensitive to people about the important role of the tourism inside the world-wide society.

Peace, energy, dialogue, world heritage, accessibility and water and tourism have remained some of the themes began on the 37 earlier issues of World Tourism Day.

This year’s World Tourism Day will be “Sustainable Tourism” – a Tool for Development. The 2017 International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, the Day will be faithful to searching the impact of tourism to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


  1980 – “Tourism’s contribution to the preservation of cultural heritage and to peace and mutual understanding”.

  1981 – “Tourism and the quality of life”.

  1982 – “Pride in travel: good guests and good hosts”.

  1983 – “Travel and holidays are a right but also a responsibility for all”.

  1984 – “Tourism for international understanding, peace and cooperation”.

  1985 – “Youth Tourism: cultural and historical heritage for peace and friendship”.

  1986 – “Tourism: a vital force for world peace”.

  1987 – “Tourism for development”.

  1988 – “Tourism: education for all”.

  1989 – “The free movement of tourists creates one world”.

  1990 – “Tourism: an unrecognized industry, a service to be released”.

  1991 – “Communication, information and education: powerlines of tourism development”.

  1992 – “Tourism: a factor of growing social and economic solidarity and of encounter between people”.

  1993 – “Tourism development and environmental protection: towards a lasting harmony”.

  1994 – “Quality staff, quality tourism”.

  1995 – “WTO: serving world tourism for twenty years”.

  1996 – “Tourism: a factor of tolerance and peace”.

  1997 – “Tourism: a leading activity of the twenty-first century for job creation and environmental protection”.

  1998 – “Public-private sector partnership: the key to tourism development and promotion”.

  1999 – “Tourism: preserving world heritage for the new millennium”.

  2000 – “Technology and nature: two challenges for tourism at the dawn of the twenty-first century”.

  2001 – “Tourism: a toll for peace and dialogue among civilizations”.

  2002 – “Ecotourism, the key to sustainable development”.

  2003 – “Tourism: a driving force for poverty alleviation, job creation and social harmony”.

  2004 – “Sport and tourism: two living forces for mutual understanding, culture and the development of societies”.

  2005 – “Travel and transport: from imaginary of Jules Verne to the reality of the 21st century”.

  2006 – “Tourism Enriches”.

  2007 – “Tourism opens doors for women”.

  2008 – “Tourism Responding to the Challenge of Climate Change and global warming”.

  2009 – “Tourism – Celebrating Diversity”.

  2010 – “Tourism & Biodiversity”.

  2011 – “Tourism Linking Cultures”.

  2012 – “Tourism and Energetic Sustainability”.

  2013 – “Tourism and Water: Protecting our Common Future”.

  2014 – “Tourism and Community Development”.

  2015 – “Millions of tourists, millions of opportunities”.

  2016 – “Tourism for All – promoting universal accessibility”.

  2017  – “Sustainable Tourism – a tool for development”.

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