Full Name:  Abraham Lincoln

Nick Name:  The rail-splitter, the great emancipator, old abe, illinois rail splitter, uncle abe, the liberator, the ancient one, spotty Lincoln, the tycoon, honest abe, uncle Abraham, father abraham

Born on:  12 February 1809

Place of Birth:  Hodgenville, Kentucky, United States

Parents:  Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks

Nationality:  American

Education:  self-educated 

Occupation:  Lawyer, politician

Famous For:  Leading the country during the American Civil War.

Spouse:  Mary Todd 

Children:  Robert Lincoln, Edward Lincoln Willie Lincoln and Tad Lincoln

Died at age:  56

Died on:  15 April 1865

Place of Death:  Petersen House, Washington, D.C., United States

Cause of Death:  Assassinated

Awards:  Caldecott Medal, Lincoln Prize


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