The way of transportation can be any medium of transport. The major modes of transport are airways, railways, roadways, and waterways.

The transportation field can be divided into three main categories.

They are:


Infrastructure is the fixed thing or place that is necessary for transport. The infrastructure can be the roads, railways, airways, waters, canals, airports, railway station, bus station, terminals, sea ports and it can be the refueling depots. Terminals are necessary to interchange the passengers and goods and it is also necessary for maintenance.

Vehicles are those that travel on these networks. Vehicles can be of any type. Different kinds of vehicles include automobiles, bicycles, buses, trains, trucks, helicopters, airplane, etc. it is also related to the ways by the vehicles are operated.

Operations deals with the ways by the vehicle are operated.

The way of transport can be either public or private. Transport plays an important part in the economic growth of the country. But most of the transport cause huge amount of pollution.

Without transport it is impossible to travel from one place to the other. So kids here in this section you will come to learn about the whole thing about transportation. We have taken steps to split the section into the following categories.

  • History Of Transport
  • Types of transport
  • Modes of Transport
  • Transport Safety
  • Transportation poem
  • Transportation Nursery Rhymes