Below are some of the traffic rules and regulations that you all must follow to ensure your safety in the road. By following these rules you can set an example to others..

While Walking to School:

On the roads walk on the extreme right hand side.

If the footpath is available always use it in the roads.

Do not run or rush on the roads.

Do not be impatient.

Cross the road only at the zebra crossings.

At the intersections cross the road only when you see a clear green signal for walking.

If the intersection is controlled by a policeman wait for his signal to cross the road.

When you appear from behind a vehicle, stop and look on both sides before crossing it.

Never cross the road at a corner or curve.

Never cross the road by running since you may fall or slip.

While going by bus:

Start on time from the home so that you need not run to catch the bus.

In the bus stand always follow the queue.

Get into the bus only when it comes to a halt.

Do rush in or push other while getting into the bus.

In the bus shouting and making noise is a bad manners and it may also distract the driver.

Do not board or land at red light crossing or in a unauthorized bus stops.

Make sure that hold the handrail in the moving bus.

Do not travel on the footboard of the bus.

Always follow the bus safety rules.