A computer is our good servant. Some times it acts as our friend too. So it is very important for us to maintain the machine properly.

  •  Clean your hands before you switch on the computer
  •  Do not eat snacks or food near the computer table
  •  Do not touch the parts of the computer other than the keyboard or the mouse
  •  Handle the mouse gently
  •  Press the keys on the keyboard gently
  •  Do not keep school bags heavy books or water bottles etc on the CPU
  •  Keep the computer covered when it is not in use
  •  Blink your eyes now and then when you are working with a color monitor. Blinking your eyes at times is good for your eyes
  •  Keep a distance of two feet between your eyes and the monitor
  •  Do not clean the room when the computer is working

At school

  •  Remove your shoes and socks before you enter the computer room
  •  Handle the keyboard and the mouse gently
  •  Do not pull the wires
  •  Plan the work before you go to the lab


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