Then he asked his friend “Is this how you live? Life in the country does not offer much.”

On his return the town mouse asked his friend to come with him to the town to see and enjoy all the good things here.

The country mouse packed all his belongings and started with his friend to the city. He was really surprised to see all the things there. But the happiness did not remain for a long time.

As soon as they sat for a fine meal of cheese and fruit a big cat jumped in through the window. Seeing the cat both the mouse ran into their holes to save their life. The cat ate their fruit and went. When the cat has gone both of them came out of their hole.

The country mouse cried and said to his friend that “I am going. I like my simple food in safety than this grand feast in such a danger.”

Moral of the story : The first important thing in life is safety.


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