Snow Man Craft Work

Materials required:

Egg shell (or any round material) – 3
Red Satan ribbon
Red varnish paper
Black stickers
Disposable glass


By making small hole in the egg empty its contents. Take the first egg and stick the cotton to it to the head size of the snow man. Then to the second egg stick the cotton little more then the fist one. This will be the middle part of the snow man. Then to the third egg stick lot of cotton since this is the last portion of the snow man which will be very big.

Join the eggs together.

Once you have joined the eggs together stick the black stickers as the snow man eye, mouth and also for buttons. Then take the red varnish paper and make a small cone out of it. Just stick it at the place of the nose.For the cap use the disposable cup and cut it to the shape of the cap. Then take the remaining red varnishing paper and stick it around the glass. Make sure that the diameter of the glass fits into the snow man’s head.

Then tie the red Satan ribbon around the neck as a bow.

Here the beautiful snow man is ready.