Once in a forest lived a rabbit and a tortoise. The rabbit had the habit of making fun with the slow moving tortoise.

As days went one day the tortoise got irritated and shouted at the rabbit.

The rabbit then challenged the tortoise to have a race with him if he wins the race the rabbit will stop making fun of the tortoise. The tortoise also agreed. Both started the race.

The rabbit ran very fast and with few minutes he was near the winning line. He was not able to see the tortoise so he decided to rest for a while till the tortoise arrives then he can quickly go the winning line before the tortoise cross it.

The rabbit rested under a tree and soon he was in deep sleep. When he was awake he saw that the tortoise had already crossed the winning line.

The tortoise has won the match.

So being fast like a rabbit is not a matter but being steady and active is a big thing like tortoise.


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