The Panama Canal separates North America from South America.Read in detail about the list of countries and their capital, flag, currency and languages.Geography

North America is the third largest of the continents. It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. North America is led by its three major countries: Canada, Mexico, and the United States North America

Area – 9,540,198 square miles

Main Biomes – desert, temperate forest, taiga, grasslands

Major cities – Mexico City, Mexico New York City, USA Los Angeles, USA Chicago, USA Toronto, Canada Houston, USA Ecatepec de Morelos, Mexico Montreal, Canada Philadelphia, USA Guadalajara, Mexico

Nearby Water Bodies – Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico

Major Rivers and Lakes – Lake Winnipeg, Lake Superior, Great Bear Lake, Great Slave Lake, Rio Grande, Yukon River, Lake Erie, Mississippi River, Missouri River, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Colorado River

Major Geographical Features – Sierra Madres, Coastal Range, Great Plains, Appalachian Mountains, Canadian Shield, Rocky Mountains, Coastal Plain


The North American continent includes some diverse weathers, however utmost of the continent practises a moderate climate. North America, is characterized by a lack of extremes in temperature and precipitation.

There are distinct summers and winters, but these are not terribly extreme.  Portions of California practice a desert climate, Northern Canada has a glacial climate and approximately of the Californian coast practises a Mediterranean climate.

A maritime climate, found mainly in the Western United States, displays less periodic disparity in temperature than a continental climate, found in the Eastern United States.

Deserts have a habit of to be cold at night and very hot during the day. Some parts of California happen this classification, even though some coastal regions are hush-hush as consuming a Mediterranean climate. This is hot summer droughts and heavy winter rain.

Southern shares of Canada familiarity a temperate climate, but the greatest northern regions know-how a polar climate.

Regions & Seasons

North America can be broadly divided regions

Caribbean and Central America countries




the United States of America


Greenland, Canada and most of the United States lie in the Northern hemisphere and have four distinct seasons

Spring- March, April, May
Summer- June, July, August
Autumn- September, October, November
Winter- December, January, February

Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and southern United States take more constant temperatures all over the year but take a wet season- May to October and a dry season– November to April.


S.No Country Capital Currency Language
1 Anguilla The Valley East Caribbean Dollar English
2 Antigua and Barbuda Saint John’s EC dollar English
3 Aruba Ornamented Aruban guilder/florin Dutch, English, Spanish
4 Bahamas Nassau Bahamian dollar English
5 Barbados Bridgetown Barbadian dollar English
6 Belize Belmopan Belizean dollar English
7 Bermuda Hamilton Canadian dollar English
8 British Virgin Islands Road Town US-Dollar English
9 Canada Ottawa canadian dollar English, French
10 Cayman Islands George Town Caymanian dollar English
11 Clipperton Island   Euro French
12 Costa Rica San Jose Colon Spanish
13 Cuba Havana Cuban peso Spanish
14 Dominica Roseau EC dollar English
15 Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Peso Spanish
16 El Salvador San Salvador US dollar Spanish
17 Greenland Nuuk Danish krone Greenlandic, Danish
18 Grenada Saint George’s EC dollar English
19 Guadeloupe Basse-Terre Euro French
20 Guatemala Guatemala City Quetzal Spanish
21 Haiti Port-au-Prince Gourde French, Haitian Creole
22 Honduras Tegucigalpa Lempira Spanish
23 Jamaica Kingston Jamaican dollar English
24 Martinique Fort-de-France Euro French
25 Mexico Mexico City Mexican peso Spanish
26 Montserrat Plymouth East Caribbean Dollar English
27 Navassa Island   U.S. Dollar English
28 Netherlands Antilles Willemstad Guilder Dutch, English, Papiamento
29 Nicaragua Managua Cordoba Spanish
30 Panama Panama City Balboa Spanish
31 Puerto Rico San Juan US Dollar Spanish, English
32 Saint Barthélemy Gustavia Euro French
33 Saint Kitts and Nevis Basseterre EC dollar English
34 Saint Lucia Castries EC dollar English
35 Saint Martin Marigot Euro French
36 Saint Pierre and Miquelon Saint-Pierre Euro French
37 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Kingstown EC dollar English
38 Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago dollar English
39 Turks and Caicos Islands Cockburn Town US Dollar English
40 United States Washington, D.C. US dollar English
41 United States Virgin Islands Charlotte Amalie US dollar English


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