6. Ballpoint pen

In 1935 Hungarian brothers Lazlo and Georg Biro invented the first non leaking ballpoint pen. The brothers belonged to the different fields. Lazlo worked as a chemist and Georg worked as a newspaper editor. Later in Argentina the brothers opened the first ballpoint manufacturing plant.

But in early 1888 John Loud an American leather tanner invented ballpoint marker who used it for making leather. But the defeat with the invention was that the marker leaked making if a difficult for regular use. The Biro brother invented a new type of ink for the solution.

7. Band aid

Band aid was invented by Earle Dickson in 1920. Dickson invented the band aid first for his wife who used to have many accidents in kitchen. For the invention of band aid Dickson was a rewarded as a vice president of the Johnson & Johnson Company.

8. Basket ball

James Naismith a Canadian physical education instructor invented football in 1891. He developed the game at Springfield, Massachusetts YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) soccer ball was used to throw it into the peach basketball.

The first basket ball that was played in front of the public was held on 11th march 1892. And in the Olympics it started in the year 1936 in Berlin Germany.

9. Bicycle

The modern steering bicycle was invented by a German named Baron Karl von Drais de Sauerbrun in 1816. The modern cycle has two wheels and a steering attached to the front wheel. A rider was fixed between the two wheels. But the pedals were absent .

10. Bubble gum

In 1906 Frank Henry Fleer invented the bubble gum. But the formula did not work well. The bubble gum was too sticky. The bubble gum was named “Blibber-Blubber”. And later in 1928 Walter E. Diemer used a superior formula and invented a bubble gum and named it as “Double Bubble.”

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