IBoat was invented on 3500 BC.In 2000 BC horses were domesticated and they were used for transportation.

In 818 to 234 the wheel barrow was invented.

In 770 iron horseshoes were invented which improved the horse transportation.

Cornelis Drebbel invented the first submarine in the year 1620.

In 1662 Blaise Pascal invented the first

which was drawn by the horse. The vehicle was enrooted to the regular route, it was scheduled and the fare system was followed.

Clock powered carriage was invented by Jacques de Vaucanson in 1740.

First steamboat was first demonstrated in 1783 by Marquis Claude Francois de Jouffroy d’Abband. It was a paddled wheel steamboat.

The first hot air balloon was invented by Montgolfier brother in 1783.

1787 the steamboat was invented.

Nicolas Joseph Cugnot I 1769 invented the first self propelled road vehicle.

In 1790 modern bicycle was invented.

George Stephenson invented the first steam powered railroad for transportation in the year 1868.

In the year 1871 the first cable car was invented.

In 1903 Wright brother invented the first engine airplane.

In 1908 the first hydrofoil boats was introduced.

The first liquid propelled rocket was launched in the year 1926.

Modern helicopter was invented on 1940.

Supersonic jet plane was invented on 1947.

In 1956 hovercraft was invented.

The bullet train was invented in the year 1964.

In 1969 the first manned mission Apollo was launched to the moon.

In 1970 the first jumbo jet was introduced.


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