• Doctor, Doctor I am becoming invisible
    Yes, I can see you are not all there!
  • Doctor, doctor, I keep stealing things
    Have you taken anything for it?
  • Doctor, doctor, whenever I drink juice I get a pain in my eye!
    Try taking the straw out of the glass!
  • Doctor, doctor, everyone says I am invisible
    Who said that?
  • Patient: My hair keeps falling out. What can you give me to keep it in?
    Doctor: A shoebox
  • Patient: doctor I feel like a king always?
    Doctor: what is your name?
    Patient: Joe
    Doctor: then you must be Joe King!
  • Patient: Doctor I am feeling so tired and I do not know where I am half the time?
    Dentist: open wide now!
  • Doctor I keep thinking that I am a two person
    One at a time please
  • Patient: doctor I am feeling like a bee
    Doctor: Buzz off!
  • What will you give to an injure lemon?


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