Turn the chairs down in a row
Each behind the other, so;

Chu-chu! Chu-chu! there they are,
Passenger and baggage-car,

Chu-chu-chu! the Morris chair
Is the engine puffing there,

Chu-chu! Chu-chu! Ting-a-ling!
Don’t you hear its big bell ring?
All aboard! Jump on! if you
Want to take this train. Chu-chu!!
Off we start now, rushing fast
Through the fields and valleys, past
Noisy cities, over bridges,
Hills and plains and mountain ridges,

Chu-chu! Chu-chu! Chu-chu-chu!!
At such speed it must be true
Since we started we have come
Most a million miles from home!
Jump off, some one! Quick! and go
To the pantry, for, you know,
We must have the cookie-jar
For our Pullman dining-car!


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