The eggs break after few days which are called as the incubation period. The incubation period differ from one bird species to the other.After the eggs hatch and the young bird comes out the parents take care of the young ones till they are able to fly.

Birds Incubation period (in days)
Chicken 20 – 22
Ostrich 42 – 50
Parakeet 27 -28
Pigeon 14 – 18
Swam 30
Toucan 18


This is the very important feature of the birds. Most of the birds move from one place to the other in search of a cooler climate for reproducing and for foods. Then later return to their home place. This is called as Migration.

The birds migrate in groups called as the Flocks.

Bird facts

The largest bird is the Ostrich
The smallest bird is the Bee Humming bird
The oddest flyers is the Humming bird (these birds fly backwards and sideways)
Birds that has wing claws are Hoatzin, African Touraco and the ostrich
Fastest flying birds are Peregrine Falcon, Spine-tailed swift, Harpy eagles, Pigeons and Mallard duck
Fastest on land is the Ostrich
The fastest swimmers are Gentoo penguins
Bird that can fly high in the sky is the Ruppell’s Griffon Vulture
The longest migration bird is the Arctic tern
The heaviest flyer bird is the Great Bustard
The shortest leg birds are Humming birds and Swifts
The poisonous birds are Hooded Pitohui and Ifrita
Bird that has the longest beak is the Australian pelican
Bird that the largest tongue is the Flamingo
The biggest eye bird is the Ostrich
Owls are the birds that have the best night vision and best hearing capacity

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