It is the only continent entirely made up of islands. It consists of Australia, New Zealand, and the neighboring islands of the South Pacific Ocean.
Read in detail about list of countries in Australia and their capital, flag, currency and language.
Australia is an island and a continent. It shares no land borders with any other country. It borders the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Indian Ocean to the west. Other island countries nearby Australia include East Timor, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and New Zealand.Main Cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, CANBERRA AustraliaMajor Landforms – Great Dividing Range, Great Victorian Desert, Tanami Desert,  MacDonnell Ranges, Ayers Rock, Mount Augustus, MacDonnell Ranges, Australian Alps, Great Artesian Basin, Tasmania Island, Great Barrier Reef

Bodies of Water – Great Australian Bight, Coral Sea, Timor Sea, Gulf of Carpentaria, Tasman Sea, Lake Gairdner, Lake Carnegie, Murrumbidgee River, Lake Eyre, Murray River, the Darling River, the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean.


Australia weather varies obviously all done the eight states and terrains, everywhere are four seasons diagonally paramount of the country and a wet and dry season in the tropical north.

Australia seasons are at conflicting times to those in the northern hemisphere.

Regions & Seasons

Australasia is broadly divided into Australia, New Zealand, the island of New Guinea, and neighbouring islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Australasia lies completely in the southern hemisphere and the seasons of all are similar.

Spring – September, October, November

Summer- December, January, February

Autumn- March, April, May

Winter- June, July, August

S.No Country Capital Currency Language
1 American Samoa Pago Pago US-Dollar Samoan, English
2 Australia Canberra Australian Dolla English
3 Baker Island   Australian dollar English
4 Cook Islands Avarua

1.Cook Islands Dollar

2.New Zealand Dollar

Cook Islands Maori, English
5 Christmas Islands Flying Fish Cove Australian Dollar English, Chinese
6 Fiji Suva Fijan Dollar Fijan, English, Hindustani
7 French Polynesia Papeete Euro French, Tahitian
8 Guam Hagatna US-Dollar English
9 Howland Island      
10 Jarvis Island      
11 Johnston Atoll      
12 Kingman Reef      
13 Kiribati South Tarawa Australian Dollar Kiribati, English
14 Marshall Islands Majuro US Dollar Marshallese, English
15 Maldives Male Rufiyaa Dhivehi
16 Micronesia Palikir Fijan DollarUS Dolla English
17 Midway Atoll      
18 Nauru Yaren (seat of government) Australian Dollar Nauruan, English
19 New Caledonia Nouméa CFP-Fanc French
20 New Zealand Wellington New Zealand Dollar English, Maori
21 Niue Alofi New Zealand Dollar Niuean, English
22 Norfolk Island Kingston Australian Dolla English, Norfuk
23 Northern Mariana Islands Saipan US-Dollar English
24 Palau Melekeok US-Dollar English, Palauan
25 Palmyra Atoll      
26 Papua New Guinea Port Moresby Kina English, Tok Pisin, Hiri Motu
27 Pitcairn Islands Adamstown New Zealand Dollar English
28 Samoa Apia Tala Samoan, English
29 Solomon Islands Honiara Solomon Islands Dollar English
30 Tokelau   New Zealand Dollar Tokelauan, English
31 Tonga Nuku Ľalofa Paanga Tongan
32 Tuvalu Funafuti Australian Dolla Tuvaluan, English
33 United States Minor Outlying Islands   US-Dollar English
34 Vanuatu Port Vila Vatu English, French, Bislama
35 Wake Island      
36 Wallis and Futuna Mata-Utu CFP-Franc French, Futunan



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