Asia is located next to Europe. Europe and Asia together is called Eurasia . Read in detail about the list of all countries in Asia and their Geography, Climate, Region – seasons, Capital,Flag, Language and Currency.


Asia Continent is the world’s biggest and most populous over 4 billion people. Asia also covers the world’s most populated countries, China, and the world’s biggest nation, Russia.
Asia boundaries Africa and Europe to the west and the Pacific Ocean to the east. Some farmland in Asia is near rivers. Thick forestry cultivates in Southeast Asia.

Area – 17,212,000 square miles

Main Biomes – desert, grasslands, temperate forest, taiga

Chief cities – Tokyo, Japan, Jakarta, Indonesia, Seoul, South Korea Delhi, India, AsiaMumbai, India Manila, Philippines Shanghai, China,Osaka, Japan Kolkata, India Karachi, Pakistan

Nearby Water Bodies – Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, South China Sea, Yellow Sea, Bering Sea

Major Rivers and Lakes  – Caspian Sea, Lake Baikal, Aral Sea, Qinghai Lake, Yangtze River, Yellow River, Ganges River, Indus River

Major Geographical Features – Ural Mountains, Gobi Desert, Kunlun Mountains, Arabian Desert, Thar Desert,  Takla Makan Desert, Island of Japan, Mount Everest, Himalayas,  Siberia.


Asia has various poles apart weathers. There are numerous high mountains, large deserts, and tropical areas. Mountain and desert areas kind on the rise, crops difficult for several states in Asia.

Asia has an extensive variety of weathers as of its massive size.

Asia has approximately of the coldest places in the biosphere as well as some of the hottest, driest and wettest places a roundabout regions of Asia, the nasty cold of the North Pole can be stroked, even though in other areas, hot and dry type of weather leads. There are likewise areas with a hot and humid climate, just like in the tropics.

Region – Seasons

The Asia continent is so large and different that it habitually is divided into sub-regions.

Northern Asia

Central Asia

Middle East

Southern Asia

Eastern Asia

South-eastern Asia

Asia lies just about only in the northern hemisphere and the time of year of all are alike. The spells of southern and south-east Asia vary to some extent as of the rainy season.

NorthernAsia, CentralAsia, EasternAsia

Spring – March, April, May

Summer – June, July, August

Autumn – September, October, November

Winter – December, January, February

SouthernAsia, South-EastAsia

Spring – December, January, February

Summer – March, April, May

Autumn – June, July, August

Winter – September, October, November

S.No Country Capital Currency Language
1 Afghanistan Kabul Afghani Pashto, Persian
2 Armenia Yerevan Armenian Dram  
3 Azerbaijan Baku Manat Azerbaijani
4 Bahrain Manama Dinar Arabic
5 Bangladesh Dhaka Taka Bengali
6 Bhutan Thimphu Bhutanese Ngultrum Dzongkha, Nepali, English
7 British Indian Ocean Territory Diego Garcia US Dollar English
8 Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei Dollar Malay
9 Cambodia Phnom Penh Riel Khmer
10 China Beijing Hawabg Ho Yangizekiang Mandarin
11 Christmas Island Flying Fish Cove Australian dollar English
12 Cocos (Keeling) Islands West Island New Zealand dollar English
13 Cyprus Nicosia 1.Cypriot pound
2.Turkish lira
Greek Cypriot
14 Georgia Tbilisi Lari Georgian
15 Hong Kong   Hong Kong dollar Chinese, English
16 India New Delhi Rupee Hindi, English and other 21 official languages
17 Indonesia Jakarta Rupiah Indonesian
18 Iran Tehran Rial Persian
19 Iraq Baghdad Iraqi dinar Arabic
20 Israel Jerusalem Shekel Hebrew, Arabic
21 Japan Tokyo Yen Japanese
22 Jordan Amman Dinar Jordan Arabic
23 Kazakhstan Astana Rouble  
24 Korea (North Korea) Pyongyang Won Korean
25 Korea (South Korea) Seoul Won Arabic
26 Kuwait Kuwait City Kuwait Dinar Arabic
27 Kyrgyzstan Bishkek Kyrgyzstani som Kyrgyz
28 Laos Vientiane Kip Lao
29 Lebanon Beirut Pound Arabic
30 Macau   Macau Pataca Chinese, Portuguese
31 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Ringgit Malay
32 Maldives Male Rupaiya  
33 Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Tugrik Mongolian
34 Myanmar (Burma) Naypyidaw Kyat Burmese
35 Nepal Kathmandu Nep-Rupee Nepali
36 Oman Muscat Rial Omani Arabic
37 Pakistan Islamabad Rupee Urdu, English
38 Palestinian territories Ramallah

No official currency

Israel currency is used mostly.

39 Philippines Manila Peso Filipino, English
40 Qatar Doha Riyal Arabic
41 Saudi Arabia Riyadh Rial Arabic
42 Singapore Singapore Sing-Dollar Malay, Mandarin-Chinese, Tamil, English
43 Sri Lanka Sri Jayewardenepura Rupee  Sinhala, Tamil
44 Syria Damascus Syrian Pound Arabic
45 Tajikistan Dushanbe Somoni Persian-Tajik
46 Thailand Bangkok Baht Thai
47 Timor-Leste (East Timor) Dili US Dollar Tetum
48 Turkey Ankara Turkish Lira Turkish
49 Turkmenistan Turkmenistan TurkmenistanManat Turkmen
50 United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Dirham Arabic
51 Uzbekistan Tashkent Rouble Uzbek
52 Vietnam Hanoi Dong Vietnamese
53 Yemen Sanaa



54 Abkhazia Sukhumi Russian Ruble Abkhaz
55 Nagorno-Karabakh Stepanakert Armenian Dram Armenian
56 Northern Cyprus Nicosia New Turkish Lira Turkish, English
57 South Ossetia Tskhinvali Russian Ruble Ossetics, Russian


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