It is located near the South Pole. Antarctica was discovered only in the year 1773.
Read in detail about the list of countries in Antarctica and their capital, flag, currency and languages.
Antarctica is situated at the South Pole and is fenced by the Southern Ocean. Over 98% of Antarctica is covered by ice. It is the thirstiest and coldest continent on earth. Antarctica is the 5th largest contingent on size, but it is the smallest in population

Antarctica has no countries and no portions of the landmass are owned by any country. 

Area – 5,400,000 square milesAntartica

Main Biomes – icy desert


Antarctica is the coldest place on Earth. The greater, eastern side of Antarctica is cooler than the inferior west and the peninsula of Graham Land is the warmest region.Antarctica is likewise unique of the breeziest places on Earth and the strong winds add a freezing factor to the severely low temperatures, actual little rainfall even in the warmer peninsula area. Heavy snowfalls are common.

Regions & Seasons

Most of Antarctica is encompassed of a thick, continental ice sheet  

November-December – Spring and Early Summer

January-February – Summer

March- Fall

S.No Country Capital Currency Language
1 Bouvet Island      
2 French Southern Territories   Euro French
3 Heard Island and McDonald Islands   Australian dollar English
4 South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands King Edward Point Pound Sterling English


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