The grasshopper asked the ant “why are you working so hard?” come and chat with me.

The ant replied to the lazy grasshopper that “I am collecting foods for the winter season. Why can’t you also store some food for you for the winter season? Recommended the ant” and the ant continued the work without bothering about the grasshopper.

The grasshopper laughed at the ant by saying “winter is so long to come” and continued to dance.

When the winter came the ant was happy at his home using the food he saved during the summer time. The grasshopper was not able to find any food. When the grasshopper was about to cross the ant’s house he saw the ant happily enjoying the winter.

The grasshopper asked the ant to give some food to eat. The ant laughed at the grasshopper and said “you laughed at me when I was collecting food and now you are coming and asking the food from me itself, no problem please come in and have some food.”

The grasshopper felt ashamed of itself. He went into the ant’s house and had enough food for its stomach. And to the request of ant the grasshopper singed and danced.

The moral of the story is that “Idleness is a curse” and “Help those in need”.


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