Full Name:   Alexander the Great

Nick Name:  shahanshah of Persia, hegemon of the hellenic league, basileus of macedon, lord of asia, pharaoh of egypt

Born on:  July 20, 356 BCE

Place of Birth:  Pella, Greece

Parents:  Philip II of Macedon (Father) Olympias (Mother)

Nationality:  Macedonian

Religion:  Greek polytheism

Education:  Education by tutors

Occupation:  Military Commander and King of Ancient Greece

Famous For:  Conquering much of Asia and Europe

Spouse:   Roxana (328 BC–324 BC), Stateira II (325 BC–324 BC), Parysatis II (325 BC–324 BC)

Children:   Alexander IV of Macedon, Heracles of Macedon

Died at age:  32

Died on: June 13, 323 BCE

Place of Death: Babylon, Persia (now Iraq), Iraq

Cause of Death:  Typhoid fever

Awards:   General ship of Greece 


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