Computer helps the man in many ways

  •  Computer helps in storing addresses, bill details etc
  •  Robots which are made using computers help man with his muscular work
  •  Computers also help in playing games
  •  Apart from this computer are also used for making logical decisions
  •  Medicine – computer helps in finding out new medicine
  •  Engineering – computers is used in drawing house plans
  •  Office – in office computer is used to reduce the work
  •  Business – computer helps to store all the names, address and salaries of the workers
  •  Telephone – computers remembers all the telephone numbers
  •  Space – computer is used to receive news from space
  •  Advertisements – computer is used to draw cartoons and to prepare articles for advertisements
  •  Traffic – computer is used in signals to direct the vehicles
  •  School – in schools students are taught using computers
  •  Weather – computer is used to find the temperature and amount of rainfall at a place


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