Full Name:  Adolf Hitler

Nick Name:  Herr Wolf, Werwolf, Wolfsschlucht, Gröfaz, Carpet-Chewer, Wolfsschanze, Teppichfresser, Wolf

Born on:  20 April 1889

Place of Birth:   Braunau am Inn, Austria

Parents:  Alois Hitler and Klara Pölzl (mother)

Nationality:  Nazi, Austrian, German

Religion:  Not practice religion

Eductaion:  BRG Steyr (1904–1905), Bundesrealgymnasium Linz (1900–1904), Volksschule Lambach (1897–1898)

Occupation:  Dictator of Germany

Famous For:  Nazi Leader, German Dictator and Chancellor of Germany

Nationality:  German    

Spouse:  Eva Braun ( 1945–1945)

Children:  No

Died at age:  56

Died on:  30 April 1945

Place of Death:   Berlin, Germany

Cause of Death:  Suicide

Awards:  Iron Cross First Class, Iron Cross Second Class, Wound Badge


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