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English for kids
Vowels and Consonants
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Religious poems for kids
An Easter Prayer - Helen Steiner Rice
Silent Night - Joseph Mohr
Christmas Bells - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
The Psalm of Life - Henry Wadsworth
A Little Prayer - S.E. Kiser

Holiday poems for kids
Christmas Joys - Chris Loewenhagen
Letter From Santa - By Anonymous
I Am My Auld Lang Syne - Robert Burns

Kids Sad Poems
A Prayer in Time of War - Alfred Noyes
AN EPITAPH - Walter de la Mare
O Captain My Captain - Walt Whitman
When you are old - William Butler Yeats
All Alone - Ethan Pandolfi

Kids Funny Poems
Beautiful Soup - Lewis Carroll
Our Little Ghost - Louisa May Alcott
I Am My Own Grandpa - Molly Ellis
A Marriage Made in Heaven - Patrick
Eat, Drink and Be Messy

Friendship Poems
Beautiful Dreamer - Stephen Foster
Auld Lang Syne - Robert Burns
Kids Inspirational Poems
The Tyger - William Blake
I love all beauteous things - Robert Bridges
God Save the Flag - Oliver Wendell Holmes
Fire and Ice - Robert Frost

Kids Romantic Poems
A Red Red Rose - Robert Burns
O Nightingale that on yon bloomy Spray - John
Her Voice - Oscar Wilde
Love and Friendship - Emily Bronte
Not marble nor the gilded monuments

Kids Love Poems
A charm invests a face - Emily Dickinson
A Red Red Rose - Robert Burns
A Wonderful Sting - David P Leverett
Art thou pale for weariness - Percy Bysshe
Beautiful Dreamer - Stephen Foster