Rhymes are musical poems. Rhymes are recurrence of similar words in two or three lines. These are taught with actions and some music.

Singing the pomes with musical notes helps you to understand the rhythm of the languages and make you to become aware of different sounds in the language.We feel that this the best medium through which you can learn the vocabulary, elements of the language, days of the week and months name easily and interestingly.

Come let’s learn nursery rhymes:

Nursery Rhymes – ANursery Rhymes – BNursery Rhymes – C
Nursery Rhymes – DNursery Rhymes – ENursery Rhymes – F
Nursery Rhymes – GNursery Rhymes – HNursery Rhymes – I
Nursery Rhymes – JNursery Rhymes – KNursery Rhymes – L
Nursery Rhymes – MNursery Rhymes – NNursery Rhymes – O
Nursery Rhymes – PNursery Rhymes – QNursery Rhymes – R
Nursery Rhymes – SNursery Rhymes – TNursery Rhymes – U
Nursery Rhymes – VNursery Rhymes – WNursery Rhymes – X
Nursery Rhymes – YNursery Rhymes – Z