RabbitsABC is a website for children and their parents, as well as people who work with kids daily within their job.

We provide entertaining games, health related information as well as self education for children eager to learn more about various things. The site was developed, keeping in mind all the necessities about the kids. All the things for kids and information about kids  from A – Z about is provided.

We continuously imrove our service and are more than happy to learn from your feedback, which areas you like most.

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Tell Stories

One weekend in Los Angeles a lawyer decided to go for hunting. The lawyer drove a long way and found a nice place for hunting in the forest. The lawyer found a rabbit jumping here and there, the lawyer shoot it and watched it falling dead in the ground. For his misfortune the rabbits fell on the other side of the brans fence.

The lawyer thought that since he shot the rabbit it belongs to him so he climbed the fence and got hold of the rabbit and climbs back again. Just he gets back the owner of the fence came to him and said “…